Saturday, June 6, 2009

Casino Rubbing Alcohol Sanitizer

Casino Rubbing Alcohol is made from 70% ethyl alcohol derived from nature's sun-drenched sugar cane. It is used as an alcohol antiseptic and rubefacient added with a fresh fragrance you will love. It contains moisturizers that prevent the drying of the skin when massaged or rubbed down. Being a gentle disinfectant, it is ideal for use anytime anywhere. Available Sizes: 150mL, 250mL, 500mL Variance: Regular, Femme, Mild

Currently only avalable the 500mL Femme with limited stocks in my keeping.

Personally, the Femme is the best due to its fragrance and soothing feel compared to the Regular which is feel 'hot'.
Some Reviews:
1. Casino Rubbing Alcohol is ethyl alcohol so it smells great and does not dry the skin easily. I first tried using this product years ago and personally, I like the product. It is an effective disinfectant and deodorizer. I would use this on my hands before carrying my baby and i think she like the smell as well. The price is very reasonable, not too expensive. This product is readily available in leading groceries and drugstores all throughout the metro. I like using alcohol, Casino in particular.
I use alcohol a lot at home or in the office especially when there is no available place for me to wash my hands. Casino is non-drying so this product is perfect for the ladies who are very particular with skin care. Casino is a highly recommended product and i would not hesitate to endorse the product if I have to. I like the packaging and the labels are easy to read. Casino rubbing alcohol is a must have in every household. It is perfect for your kids for wound cleaning and insectbites. I take this alcohol everywhere I go and i can say that I am very happy with this product.
2. Casino 70% Ethyl Alcohol is mild on skin but is very effective as an antiseptic disinfectant. It disinfects without drying my skin. It really comes in handy when it comes to travelling by land on long stretches, and when there's no reliable clean water to wash my hands with. It leaves a cool feeling on my skin, and I especially enjoy it for massage, and also sometimes I apply it on my body before going to sleep. It simply feels refreshing.

I carry with me a handy 150mL pack which I can use anytime, and in case someone gets some minor injuries. This helps a lot to reduce the risk of infection.

I can rely on Casino to keep my hands clean, to treat my wounds, and to just feel the coolness on my skin.

Highly recommended!
3. They say extensive usage of alcohol will make your skin dry, the truth is, I have been using Casino rubbing alcohol for a long time now and I never felt my skin drying. The alcohol comes in two “scents”, the original and the scented one (this is in a pink plastic bottle). I have noticed the difference of using Casino from Green Cross, the more famous brand and I think green cross is more pure in its content because it makes the skin feel drier. Well if I just need to make my hands clean in the absence of water outside, I will use the alcohol. It smells okay too so people may even mistake it for a cologne. Casino alcohol has been around for quite sometime already, but it was not so popular because they do not have marketing efforts to make it known. Just a few weeks ago, there have been campaigns and TV advertisements for it by one of the talk show host in the country, I think that will help their sales if not a lot, at least they will be more known to buyers and of course Casino is still cheaper than other brands, so I go for this brand.

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