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New village head for Kg

New village head for Kg
Kiarong, Mukim Gadong 'B'
By Hamidah Ismail

The new village head for Kampong Kiarong, Mukim Gadong 'B' is Haji Omarsidi
bin Haji Ahmad. He was the sole candidate for that post during an election
process held at the hall of Dato Ratna Awang Haji Mohd Jaafar Primary School in
Kiarong. More than 300 people turned up to cast their vote yesterday

The election process began with the recitation of surah al-fatihah and
followed by a doa selamat led by Imam Haji Ahmad Tarmizi bin Haji Md Daud, an
imam for the Sufri Bolkiah Mosque.

Awg Haji Jamain bin Momin, Brunei-Muara District Officer was also present to
witness the election process.

In his speech, he said, "Villagers who have the ethics to vote, have the
right to agree or reject the appointment of the sole nominee this morning. As
usual, the result of today's vote will be brought forward to the Ministry of
Home Affairs for deliberation and further procedure."

"The election of village head is crucial especially to the residents (of the
village) as they need a representative for a two-way communication between
themselves and the government to ensure that their welfare and safety is taken
care of. Apart from that, a village head is responsible for creating and
maintaining the understanding, unity and harmony among the community, as well as
encouraging the activity of 'memucang-mucang' so as to preserve the valuable
Bruneian communal tradition," he added. "As mentioned in His Majesty the
Sultan's titah through a letter to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of
Home Affairs, penghulus and village heads should organise frequent meetings with
the residents at least once a week to discuss matters related to the development
of the village where they become a leader especially those concerning the
welfare and well-being of the residents," he further added.

Haji Omarsidi Haji Ahmad, 57, is a Diploma certificate holder in Public
Health Inspection and had served the Ministry of Health for 28 years.

Prior to his retirement in 2007, he was the Head of Operation at the Health
Services Division. His candidacy was proposed by Awg Samsudin bin Ahim and
supported by Dato Paduka Haji Muslim bin Haji Burut as the first supporter, and
Awg Talipuddin Haji Tujoh as the second supporter.

He will be replacing the current village head, Haji Hassan bin Haji Ahim, who
has been holding the post since April 22, 2001. He is now 65 years old - the
retirement age of a village head as stated by the "Provision of Appointment and
Service of Village Heads" under the "Brunei Darussalam Chief County and Village
Head Services Scheme 1998".

Among those present to monitor the event were Haji Bakar bin Mansor, a
Legislative Council member; a senior officer from the Ministry of Home Affairs;
Rosdin bin Haji Abdul Aziz Deputy Assistant to the Brunei-Muara District
Officer; Major (R) Haji Bakar bin Safar Mukim Penghulu of Gadong 'B' along with
other penghulus, officers and staffs from the Brunei-Muara District Office.

Korban Aidil Adha 1431H Kg Kiarong

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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)

Plot: Batman discovers a mysteriious teen-aged girl with super-human powers and a connection to Superman. When the girl comes to the attention of Darkseid, the evil overlord of Apokolips, events take a decidedly dangerous turn.

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Batman Under The Red Hood (2010)

Release Date (USA) : 27th July 2010

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This photo was taken after the rain has stopped around 10.45am I hope to capture soon when the sky is bright blue sky.

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