Monday, December 8, 2008

Pohon Batu Village & Beach, Labuan

Early in the morning of 06.12.2008 went to Labuan.
07.12.2008 - Labuan attended a wedding invitation at Pohon Batu, Labuan. We stayed at Bongsu Liah's house. Then we notice these small houses a.k.a chalet. This village is located just next to the beach. Very nice place - the beach. There is a place where there are gerai makan / food stalls when you go further in along the road. I really like the ABC (too bad I did not took the photo). Very delicious and tasty; unlike other I have tasted. Below are some photos I managed to captured.
This is the place where you register for the chalet. Cost you RM60/night. It is not big and spacious for those who are looking for comfortness. But it is okay for me who were there only for leisure and attended a function or for sleep over. It is equipped with a fan and an air conditioning ( forgot to took the pic). Two chalets is individually and two more are attached together. Gives a total of 6 chalets. You'll get what I mean from the photos below.
Twin Chalet
Individual / Single Chalet
The bedroom.
Next room.
The washroom and toilet.
The eateries.

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